Wez Morrell Towbars is a DVLA registered numberplate supplier, selling high quality road legal replacement number plates and 4D number plates in accordance with the British standard for number plates (BS AU 145D)

To create your replacement number plates visit our shop in Denton, Manchester and bring along your proof of entitlement and proof of ID. You will find many plate sizes and options such as coloured borders, 3D & 4D fonts along with flags.

Our Number plate prices start from just £12.00 per plate.

Oblong Numberplates.

Standard / oblong acrylic plates are available In yellow or white. Consisting of 3.1mm acrylic tested to BS AU 145D.

Motorbike Number Plates

Motorcycle acrylic plates designed to fit a range of UK and imported Motorcycles, Mopeds, Trikes and Quad Bikes.

Square Number Plates

Square acrylic plates are designed to fit the recess and holders on a variety of trucks, buses, 4×4, and other commercial vehicles.

Name Plates

Multi-functional personalised nameplates are suitable for a variety of applications.

Coloured Border Options

A wide range of unique and approved coloured boarder options.

4D Number Plates

4D number plates are the latest addition to number plate designs. They are made from 3mm black acrylic characters, stuck to our premium acrylic plates using high strength 3M adhesive. As a 4D number plate maker we know the DVLA state that ‘number plates can be 3D’, therefore 4D plates are fully road legal and made to British Standards (BS AU 145d). We’re here for all your 4d licence plate needs.